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The logo on this page is Trademarked and has been for 11yrs.

What does that mean?  

It means no one can use this Logo without my permission or use a name similar that would be an infringement of the Trademark.

Pat said: I have used this name without having to advertise for students.  All of my students come from recommendations and I have had a full book for the 11yrs I have been trading.

How did you make that happen?

No secret.  I kept keeping to what I was taught when I first started out and never shouted at my students, realising that every student requires a different relaxed approach to be taught.

My car was always clean inside and out and I dress in a tidy way.  A tie and shirt helps but scruffy clothes, like shorts, trainers, sandals and shoes is a definite no no. I am always well shaven and clean.  That extra effort counts but be in no doubt my logo is the key.  Easily remembered, relevant and timeless.

I am offering a 5yr licence for £500.  That is less than £2 per week for you as a Driving Instructor to reinvent yourself and your business.

Once you have received your licence for example licence No 20 you can apply for your domain name as follows: www.able2drive20.co.uk. Prices for a year may cost you 88p per annum. So on your website you have the unique email: admin@able2drive20.co,uk which can be forwarded onto your personal email address.  Your top box will have the distinguished Able2drive logo with the number 20 in red at the end of it.

You are renting the logo under licence only and you still remain self employed as a business.

No other Instructor will be issued a licence in the area you teach unless you want to expand and the charge will remain the same for each Instructor.

For more details Phone Pat: 07716888547