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  1. Once the first payment has been received from the student these Terms & Conditions automatically apply.
  2. Students must give 48hrs notice of cancellation or they will be charged for 1hr.  Discretion by the Driving Instructor will be applied in this instance.
  3. Vouchers are not transferable for cash and have a six months life, then expires with no refund, however transferring to another student will be permitted provided they live within Southbeds.
  4. Lessons will be cancelled if the driving instructor considers the student is not fit to drive for whatever reason.
  5. A Family member or a friend is permitted to accompany the student upon request.
  6. The driving Instructor will determine when the student is ready for a test or by mutual agreement.
  7. The ADI No: 331292 must be applied when booking a practical driving test.  Failure to do so could result in a double booking by another Student who may have  entered the ADI number, giving that student priority on the time and date.
  8. A block booking of 10hrs must be taken or the discounted rate will not apply and lessons will revert back to the normal hourly rate.  There is an exception if a test is passed midway through a block booking and a refund is required and will be at the discounted rate.
  9. Only new students who have not driven before will be offered special offers for the first 10hrs if and when they are applied.
  10. Students will be text by the Driving Instructor upon arrival but if no text has been forthcoming by the time of the lesson it is the responsibility of the student to be ready by looking outside. The Driving Instructor will wait 5min and after that the student will be charged for 1hr.
  11. If the driving lesson finishes early for whatever reason the minutes owed will be banked for either a cash refund or towards more lessons.